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2 days ago

GE Money Home Improvement Financing Backs Homeowners' Green Remodeling Options

KETTERING, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GE Money's Sales Finance unit today announced

ecomagination certification for its home improvement financing program

when used in check here conjunction with public benefit-funded energy efficiency

programs or by contractors that provide energy efficient remodeling


"Homeowners are Continue

3 weeks ago

10 Most outdated design features

What worked in 1980 doesn't necessarily work in 2012. Don't believe us? Look in your closet. Chances are, you've weeded out the parachute pants, leg warmers and shoulder pads. Similarly, interior design choices are cyclic. Even expensive, must-have features eventually become outdated and need to be replaced.

Is your home stuck in a time warp? That's fine, if that's what you like. But if you're contemplating selling, you'll want to eliminate the generation gap between your house and potential buyers. Where to start? These 10 outdated features are among

1 month ago

Haitian recycling centers clean up capital's garbage-strewn streets, create new income


1 month ago


A Home Plumbing System being the most important part among all other systems in a house should be the top most priority for any of the house holder while incurring expenses on his home maintenance and repair. The system involves the transportation of water from a central location to your house. And then again from the house, it involves the distribution of water branching out to various plumbing fixtures and appliances like faucets, bathtub, kitchen sink, bathroom shower, water heater, dishwasher, washing machine etc. Plumbing repair of such a system is not only important to us for supplying and managing one of the five critical life elements of nature i.e. water, but also is a costly affair

1 month ago

Furniture stores move to SoHo. (Retail New York).

As exclusive tri-state leasing agents for modern furniture and accessories retailer Design Within Reach, Robert K. Futterman & Associates (RKF) and Fandel Retail Group have arranged two, 10-year New York City store leases on behalf of the Oakland, California-based company. Originally an Internet and print catalog enterprise, the three-year-old retailer's new stores are part of a larger tri-state area expansion strategy.

This month, Design Within Reach will open a store at 142 Wooster St., located between Prince and Houston Streets in SoHo. The store will include 2,000 office furniture malaysia SF of ground floor and 1,500 SF of basement space.

With Swedish home furnishings store Ligne Roset directly across the street and Italian home furnishings retailer Poggesi Home, as well as Camper and Val Cucine all nearby, the neighborhood has an eclectic retail mix. Adidas Originals' concept store, Betsey Johnson and Stussy, all leases executed by RKF executive vice president Robert Cohen, are also just steps away.

"Through zip code tracking of its Internet and catalog customers, Design Within Reach has strategically identified the markets in which its customers live and shop," explained Cohen. "In doing so, it found the Northeast region and the tri-state area to be two of its primary targets for expansion."

Cohen, along with RKF associates Marc Finkel and Beth Rosen and Victor Fandel of Fandel Retail Group, represented the tenant. The same RKF team handled negotiations on behalf of the landlord, R K Trust I.

Design Within Reach also committed to 3,500 SF of ground floor space in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, at 408 West 14th St., between 9th Avenue and Washington Street. The recently renovated historical building is in close proximity to Jeffrey New York, one of the city's most chic designer boutiques, and popular nightclub Lotus.

Also nearby are restaurants Pastis and Markt and Gucci-owned Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen stores. Celebrity restaurateur Jean Georges recently signed a lease for a restaurant in the area and plans are being discussed for several new residential developments in the neighborhood. The new Design Within Reach store is slated to open later this year.

RKF CEO Robert K. Futterman and director Ariel Schuster handled negotiations on behalf of furniture stores near me landlord The Winter Organization. Cohen and Fandel co-represented the tenant in the transaction.

Design Within Reach is poised for continued growth as it opens additional studio locations," explained RKF executive vice president Robert Cohen.

1 month ago

Plumbing –Water supply and drainage system

Plumbing can be defined as one among the difficult and hard job required to work with pipes and tubes for making and maintaining drinking water systems in a consistent way to make its flow correctly. Not only in the drinking water system but also in the areas of drainage system the plumbers have a good role in fixing the pipes and plumb the drainage waste.

Plumbing industry is considered to be the most significant part of every developed economy as it supplies clean water to the economy and also remove the waste to a long distant place to compost which in turn makes the environment clean and tidy. Plumbing system is gaining much popularity due to plumbing diy the need for the supply of clean water which has become a substantial part of every economy.

A plumber is a person who specialized in all these plumbing activities like the repairing and maintaining the piping system to make the flow correctly whether it is water or waste. With the increase in population the need for basic amenities by the people are also increasing day by day. Water is the basic need for every human being and no one can survive without it which makes it essential to set a proper way to get clean water to live for the people. Thus proper plumbing system is very important to supply pure and clean water to every resident, office, commercial and industrial units.

Plumbing can also be defined as the installation of rigid steel pipes or plastic pipes in order to supply regulate the flow of water to various part of a building or to different places as well. It comprises of water pipes and some stop valves which regulates the flow of water depending upon the usage, and it not only regulates the flow of water but also regulates the flow of water borne waste to the concerned place.

Many industries will produce large amount of waste and the accumulation of emergency plumber near me waste are harmful to our health and surrounding as various chemicals and other things included in it. Accumulated waste will turn into harmful products which also result in contaminating water and air in large extent causing harmful effect to people and nature. All these make necessary to set up a proper way to dispose these wastes to a long distance and compost.

Proper plumbing systems are essential to transfer these waste to a distant place so that you can plumb out these waste products. These waste water pipes are connected to the main sewer line where it will be taken and treated to a waster water treatment facility. Thus efficient plumbing system will do the proper collection and transportation of waste products which makes the nature and environment free from air and water pollution. This makes it compulsory to set all kinds of plumbing fixtures and equipments depend on our needs to supply water and transport waste. With the help of the professional plumber you can set up and have control on all these plumbing activities for any building and at any place.

1 month ago

American Water Introduces In-Home Plumbing Emergency Program.

Company Launches Complementary Offering to Successful Water and Sewer Line Protection Programs

VOORHEES, N.J. -- American Water, the largest water services provider in North America, has introduced the In-Home Plumbing Emergency Program (IHPP), covering plumbing emergency repairs for leaks or breaks to the water line and clogs or blockages to the sewer line that occur within the home and are caused by normal wear and tear. The program is available to existing American Water customers licensed plu

2 months ago

Upgrade Kitchen Lighting - Increase Your Internal Curb Appeal

CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Many experts will tell you that the best way to increase the value of

your home is to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom. And while full

upgrades might be costly, a "lighting

renovation" might just be the quickest way to

give your kitchen or bathroom a little kick.

"Many blog here people pick fall as a time for

home-improvement projects, and as life gets busier and busier, quick -

but effective - solutions are often the best

choice," said Kathy Presciano, GE Lighting

Specialist. "One way for a quick upgrade is to


2 months ago

Choosing An Emergency Plumbing Professional

Many people don't think about the professional plumbers quality of a plumbing professional, until their kitchen sink backs up or the shower pipe bursts. When an emergency situation arises, any plumber is a good plumber, but when you're looking to hire one on short notice, there are several questions you should ask him.

The first thing you need to know about the candidate is whether or not he has a license and insurance, and if he's been state certified. If he says he is, call your local licensing board to make sure that everything is current. Also, check with both the licensing board and your local Better Business Bureau to find out if there are or have been any recent complaints filed against him. Ask for a copy of his insurance policy, and find out if he also carries both workman's compensation and liability insurance as well.

Once you have verified that the individual is properly qualified and insured, find out how long she has been in business. If she was not referred to you by someone you feel comfortable with, ask for the names of three to five people she has done work for in the past. Find plumbing repairs out what type of job she performed for the previous customer. Was the work done on time? Did she keep the project within the customer's budget? Was she on time, courteous and thorough? When the work was completed, did she leave a mess behind, or take the time to clean up afterwards? If the plumbing professional is hired through a company, check the track record of the business: how many complaints were filed against them, for what and what actions were taken against the establishment.

Finally, ask about the plumbing professional's rates, the types of materials he uses and any guarantee he provides. You can get a fair idea of hourly rates by calling around to different companies, but find out how his rates are calculated. Ideally, you should request a free home inspection beforehand, but in an emergency situation, this is not always possible. Review the written estimate carefully. Does he automatically try to save money by using low-quality materials? If he provides brand names of some products, check to see if they allow the homeowner to benefit from the protection of a manufacturer's warranty. You should find out in advance what will happen in the event there is a problem after the work is completed. If the project requires a permit, find out who is responsible for obtaining it, to avoid later complications.

2 months ago

Cottage Names: Ideas

Names for a Beach House, Woods Cabin, Lake Cottage or Other Vacation Home

You want the perfect name for your vacation home. It isn't easy to find just the right phrase for a cottage or cabin that expresses your creativity and suits your family, their interests real estate company and activities.

In addition, most people want the vacation home name to reflect the surroundings. Are there woods, a lake, the beach, mountains, a river or other natural attraction? Then you'll want the name of your retreat to include that feature.

If you're puzzling over what to name your special place, check out the resources I've gathered below. You'll love the cottage name generator tool and the sample names I've gathered. In addition, I've found resources for getting that unique name put on a sign for your vacation home.

Combine Two Names to Make a Cottage NameExample of naming a house

To get MOSS CREEK (shown in the photo above), the homeowners combined two last names Martin-Ross to get MOSS. The property had a creek, so it became MOSS CREEK. This is my sister's sign.

Their home happens to be a log cabin with a small pond and the creek with wood around that. When I visit family, I always look forward to a stop at Moss Creek.

The sign is carved commercial property management from Kansas limestone. Doesn't it look handsome!